voice control

Have a conversation with your home and be delighted! Use your voice to effortlessly control all your smart home technology.
Your wish is Josh’s command. Sophisticated artificial intelligence understands multiple, complex commands.  



Your home can come alive at the sound of your voice. Say a simple command and various technologies are engaged. Be greeted when you enter the home. Find answers to your questions just by asking. Enjoy a fully interactive experience. 

  • Speak naturally and control your lights, shades, music, climate and so much more on an intuitive interface
  • Don’t stress –you don’t have to be a total techie to create commands and set scenes 
  • Relax – privacy focused voice control gives you peace of mind that your conversations and data are private and secure 



Hands free control in every room with voice control driven by artificial intelligence. Designed to give the ultimate control while seamlessly blending into your décor.

  • Room recognition technology identifies where you are in the house and localizes your commands 
  • Pattern recognition gives Josh the ability to adapt to your lifestyle 
  • Control your home from inside with your voice or anywhere in the world with the easy-to-use mobile app