outdoor living

Your backyard oasis is the perfect escape designed for pure enjoyment. Enhance the beauty and relaxation of the outdoors
with smart home technology and entertainment that offers the same luxuries and comforts as inside your home.



Surround yourself with vibrant sounds and entertainment that pleases your senses.

  • Perfectly distributed, high-performance outdoor audio will fill your backyard with crystal clear sound from a combination of speakers precisely placed around your space
  • Gather family and friends around the fire pit to enjoy your favorite movie on a specially designed weather-proof TV or screen
  • As you outdoor screen emerges from the deck, watch the big game as you relax in the pool 



Seamlessly connect to your smart home technology outdoors by extending your network to the exterior of your home. 

  • Continuity in uninterrupted access and control from anywhere on your property 
  • Seamlessly stream your favorite music or movies at high speed  
  • Conveniently join a video meeting or conference call outside with no interruptions in service 



As you relax on your outdoor patio, have peace-of-mind knowing that you have eyes on all areas of you home from your surveillance system.

  • Cameras provide an expansive range of high-quality footage 
  • Access to live feed from your backyard or anywhere in the world 
  • Conveniently monitor and control the system from a mobile device 



Create a beautifully illuminated masterpiece. Shine a light on the design and aesthetics of your home - highlight selected areas or wash the exterior with beautiful color.

  • Brighten your patio or pool to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors into the evening 
  • Highlight the colorful and unique design of your landscape with garden lighting that creatively integrates and accents each element 
  • Achieve the perfect glow with a combination of multiple types of exterior, weatherproof lighting that offer both beauty and security – LED accent lighting, ambient lighting, motion sensor lighting, flood lighting and more 



Push a button and your automated outdoor shades lower, transforming the backyard to your own private oasis.

  • Provides shade the keeps you cool in the summer months and maintains the warmth of a roaring fire in the winter 
  • Fabrics and materials that will stand up to the toughest weather conditions
  • Take control of your outdoor living space with the touch of a button by extending you Smart Home Automation to your outside space. 



Take control of your outdoor living space with the touch of a button by extending you Smart Home Automation to your outside space. 

  • Create customized scenes for different occasions - dinner under the stars, movie night, or even a pool party  
  • Conveniently control your audio, video, shades, lighting, and surveillance from a single app on your smart phone or tablet  
  • Access your outdoor tech from your backyard or when away from home