Connectivity is key. A reliable and secure network is the support system for all smart home technology. It is critical to the seamless integration and connection of multiple devices.     



Live smart and enjoy the benefits of home automation with a strong, high speed WiFi network.

  • Maxim bandwidth to support all your technology and streaming requirements
  • Wireless access points to ensure uninterrupted connection throughout your home 
  • Connect all smart devices to maximize control of your system 



A secure network is important to protect your personal information and provide safety for your family when accessing the internet. 

  • Ensure security of your network with a password
  • Guard your home network with a firewall
  • Create a separate WiFi network for guest to use 



Long gone are the days of screaming across the house to let your family know it’s dinner time. Now you can speak to each other through an intercom on your smart phone or touch screen. 

  • Send messages to the entire home or create groups to send messages to selected rooms 
  • Monitor other intercom devices in specific rooms where young children or elderly stay 
  • Answer the front door 



Experience luxury at its best with access to your favorite technologies while relaxing in your backyard. 

  • Extend the reach of the network to your outside spaces with wireless access points
  • Seamlessly connect to your technology outdoors
  • Ensure the proper amount of bandwidth to support multiple devices and users outdoors