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Beautiful spaces indoors and outdoors deserve well designed lighting to set the mood, illuminate architectural features and décor, and to provide task-oriented illumination. Lighting is a vital part of better living, and when integrated with
control systems and other tech categories, it can dramatically enhance life and environments. 



Imagine lighting indoors that follows the natural cycle of daylight into night. Lighting that can transform automatically, or with a simple touch, go from sunny bright to warmer sunset glows.  

  • Lighting designed in layers delivers balance, allowing overhead, accent, task lighting and motorized shades to each play a role in the overall effect
  • Integrate lighting controls to dim, automate or program lighting scenes, such as movie time, entertainment, goodnight and more
  • Lighting controls integrated with a whole home automation system provide the ability for scene setting programed with other tech categories such as audio, video, security and more



Extend time in beautiful outdoor living spaces into the night with the right lighting design, bringing the indoors outside.

  • Highlight landscape, walkways, patios, pool areas and more with layered outdoor lighting design to transform your outdoor living space to a magical nighttime oasis
  • Control lighting with all-weather controls, such as dimmers and keypads, or from mobile devices
  • Integrate outdoor lighting with other tech categories such as video doorbells, surveillance cameras, audio, video and more for convenience
  • Outdoor lighting can be tuned to different colors for entertainment such as holidays and special occasions, eliminating the need to add special lighting for these events



When designing lighting, window treatments must be considered as they are part of the whole lighting solution of a space.

  • Coordinate lighting and shading to conveniently control lighting in an environment, such as with one touch or voice command in the morning - motorized shades go up, and dim overhead lighting goes on with tasking lighting in bathroom
  • Motorized shading and blinds are available in sheers and blackout options to compliment desired overall lighting at the appropriate time
  • Shading can be an option with just lighting control or both can be connected with whole home automation integrating with audio, video, surveillance and more



A well-designed lighting plan includes the advantage of using dimmers and switches that control lighting with wall keypads and mobile devices. 

  • Replace multiple switches and dimmers on a wall with condensed versions offered in decorator colors and finishes
  • Lighting scenes programmed, appear as words indicating scene and bringing to life the convenience of “one touch” that activates all lighting in the room to adjust, along with other tech
  • Voice Control microphones are available in switches to accommodate voice commands to dim lights or activate preset scenes like “movie”



Cultivate a healthier lifestyle with Human Centric Lighting Design, where lighting follows the natural day into night lighting cycle.

  • Using dimmers, tunable lighting and automation, wake up to lighting that mimics morning sunlight and progressively adjusts as night descends
  • Create pathways with undercabinet lighting, staircase accent lighting and other below waist lights to illuminate the way after sunset and during bedtime
  • Automated Lighting will adjust to encourage relaxation for better sleep and mood



Imagine being able to adjust your lighting anytime, creating special “scenes” or when decorating for holidays or special occasions.

  • Personalize lighting from touchpads or mobile devices by setting scenes and saving them
  • Adjust lighting color and intensity from a simple, easy-to-use app
  • Program lighting to sync with other technologies in your home, such as shades and blinds, along with audio, video and more