Technology is a key component of business today. It enables collaboration within a company, across the country and even around the world.
Whether in a corporate or hospitality setting, tech drives communication, enables connections and creates atmosphere.  



Be more effective and impactful in commercial settings with state-of-the-art audio and video technology. Display relevant content, deliver powerful presentations, assist with sales, improve education, engage in brainstorming and more using picture perfect video and crystal-clear audio. 

  • Distributed audio systems create the atmosphere with background music in the office or can be used to deliver important messages 
  • 4K HD screens allow for creative delivery of custom messaging, videos, and presentations 
  • Control the audio/video technology through a remote or keypad 



Lighting in commercial spaces can be used for function to provide a well-lit workspace, provide accent lighting to highlight elements in the office or to create the perfect space for meetings. 

  • Automate the lights and control them with a touch pad, wall panel or app
  • Create schedules where lights adjust based on time of day and the amount of natural light
  • Use motion sensors for a touchless environment where lights turn on and off with movement 



Motorized shades offer function, form, and convenience in the workplace. At the touch of a button the automated shades in the conference room will close so your clients can view an important presentation or video. 

  • Harness natural light to create a more comfortable and productive work environment 
  • Reduce glare on monitors and screens and protect office furnishings from damage from harmful UV rays
  • Choose from a selection of fabrics and colors to create a bright and appealing workspace 



A sophisticated video surveillance system provides safety and security for business. 

  • Real-time video monitoring both indoors and outdoors 
  • Access security cameras onsite and remotely 
  • Custom design and installation services to meet the requirements of your organization 



A secure network is at the heart of the operation of any successful and efficient business. It allows you to connect onsite teams with teams anywhere in the world through data and voice. 

  • Customized planning and design to meet the bandwidth and data requirements of your organization 
  • Scalability for future growth 
  • Enterprise quality networks available in both wired and wireless options 



Create the perfect environment for collaboration and productivity and maximize the power of meetings with innovative technology solutions. Communicate and interact with team members or clients sitting across the conference room table or across the world. Design and automate conference rooms, training rooms, huddle spaces and multi-purpose rooms with the latest in audio visual, lighting, automated shades and more.  

  • Communicate with colleagues and clients using high tech video conferencing solutions 
  • Create touchless environments where the room turns on with the activation of motion sensors 
  • Control the technology through an interface at the press of a button - activate presentation mode where the shades close, the lights dim and a presentation or video displays on the screen



Create an appealing environment where customers want to spend time and money. Whether in a restaurant, bar, or hotel, atmosphere is important, and guests want to be entertained. The perfect background music, TVs showing the big game and the perfect lighting will create the ultimate social scene. 

  • Custom audio solutions that deliver music throughout the space or in specific zones 
  • High-definition screens to display sports, movies, and custom content
  • Control audio, video and lighting with a control system activated at the touch of a button – customizable for different areas
  • Set the mood with just the right lighting – change the brightness, tone, color and more