Bask in the beauty of flawless sound and picture-perfect video anywhere in your home.
Whether indoors or outdoors, your senses will be delighted.



As you move through your home, be greeted by precision sound in every room.  

  • A combination of perfectly camouflaged in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, are precisely placed to create a perfect listening experience throughout your space  
  • A centralized system maintains the beauty of your décor by limiting components to only speakers in each room 
  • Listen to your music collection or stream your favorite tunes anywhere in your domain at the touch of a button



Imagine starting a movie in your home theater, hitting pause, moving to your bedroom, hitting play, and continue watching right where you left off. That is the power of a whole home video system. 

  • Be delighted by 4K HDR quality video on every screen 
  • Enjoy clutter free entertainment with all components placed in a single location and only screens present in each room 
  • With the press of a button, you can stream your favorite movies or watch the big game in the room of your choice



Your senses will be delighted by the intersection of audio and video, perfectly combined to create a movie theater style experience.  

  • Select your screen based on the type of room – standalone theater or integrated entertainment space
  • Precision audio is distributed through a combination of stand-alone, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers
  • One-touch control of your home theater will activate the audio and video along with the lights and shades to create the perfect viewing environment  



Experience music as it was intended. Technology and design work flawlessly together to deliver precision sound.  

  • Hand crafted speakers, sub-woofers and components built using the latest in sound design technology 
  • High performance audio delivers the detail and accuracy, as if you were listening to the music live   
  • Beauty in sound and aesthetics – speakers made to blend in or stand out like art 



Enjoy the same luxuries of entertainment as you move from indoors to outdoors. 

  • Enjoy movie night under the stars on a weatherproof screen or TV
  • Relax while listening to your favorite music or stream your favorite playlist while entertaining in your backyard 
  • Outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the elements and deliver great sound



Become one with the music and truly appreciate every note in a perfectly designed listening room. 

  • Carefully selected high performance audio is perfectly placed to deliver sound as it was intended
  • Strategically placed seating will position you to be enveloped by every note
  • Specially designed acoustic treatment for improved sound resonation



Video games are more than just a passion, they are a lifestyle. True gamers need the perfect environment to dominate. Play in a dedicated gaming room or integrate gaming into your home theater. 

  • Engage with the life like graphics through an HD projector and screen or large TV/monitor  
  • Immerse yourself in the sounds of the game with high performance speakers 
  • Set the scene for winning with the right lighting and the perfect game room seating  



Anytime is tee time, with the Full Swing™ Golf Simulator. Swing into action in your own home and enjoy golf all year round! Never worry about scheduling or weather again. 

  • Custom designed for a perfect fit in your home - 60 configurations available 
  • Build your skills in the privacy of your home and be ready for a hole-in-one when you hit the course 
  • Choose from over 100 professionally modeled and realistic courses and feel like you are on the green