Why You Should Use a Professional Home Automation Integrator

Why You Should Use a Professional Home Automation Integrator

Are you considering home automation? If you've already tried the traditional DIY products and feel you need more, or you're just wondering where you should start, you will need an expert. Getting a whole home automation system is a complex process, and it needs to be done right. These systems can control lighting, audio, video, shades, surveillance, temperature and more for an entire property. Thankfully, there are specialists for this very thing: Professional Home Automation Integrators, like ConnectedLife Designs by The Stereo Shop based in Greensburg, PA.

A home automation integrator is a specialist who has the knowledge and expertise to design, install, program, and maintain a variety of automated systems in your home. They know how all the equipment work together to create an integrated solution that meets your individual needs and creates the exact level of convenience you’re looking for with automation. They take into consideration your family's lifestyle, matching the technology to daily routines and repeated tasks.

Home automation integrators understand the complexities of home automation and how it works within your specific environment which includes décor and layout of home. They can take a look at your property, discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and develop a tailored plan that meets your needs. A pro will also suggest where to start and how to build upon a scalable system, which includes a strong network to support automation. On top of that, they can also provide ongoing maintenance and help troubleshoot any issues you may have down the line.

Plus, working with a home automation integrator can save you time and prevent frustration. Their expertise means that they can install your system faster and correctly the first time around, reducing the amount of stress and hassle that can be associated with planning and installing an automated system. A pro will also be able to provide you with a budget of what it will cost to get what you want and in many cases be able to suggest things you might not have thought about.

Companies like ConnectedLife Designs have showrooms where you can demo systems that show how these technologies work together. ConnectedLife Designs' showroom experiences include the following experiences:

  1. A Movie Theater which includes a big screen, projector, seating, surround sound and more. Press one button and watch the magic happen. Lights dim, audio video go on and shades come down. You can enjoy not only movies, but also concerts, sports, and video games.
  2. Lighting Control - program lights to follow a natural daylight cycle going from bright at the beginning of the day to warmer in the evening without touching a switch. Integrate shades and other tech. Learn how you can eliminate a confusing bank of light switches on a wall.
  3. Find out how you can make entertaining more fun with preselected scenes that include audio video, lighting, shading and more both inside and outside of your home. While in this experience, try out some high-performance speakers from Focal and Paradigm that must be experienced to hear the difference.
  4. Test drive a Full Swing Golf Simulator that the pros use with over 90 courses plus other sport modes. See what we've done to upgrade the out of the box experience and how integration works with a golf simulator.
  5. Demo the state of the art Josh.ai Voice Assistant that can control your entire home using natural language. This system integrates well with other control tech and cares about privacy and security.

Ready to take the plunge into home automation? Get in touch with ConnectedLife Designs today and start taking advantage of all the benefits that an automated system has to offer. You won’t regret it!

By working with a professional home automation integrator, you'll be able to benefit from their experience and knowledge. They can help determine the best products and solutions for your needs, provide programming services so that everything runs smoothly, and offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your system remains reliable in the long run.

So if you're looking to bring your home into the modern age with the latest technological advances, don't hesitate. Today, some form of home automation is an expected system in luxury homes and will most certainly add value to any home. Know that you can start with automating one area, like lighting or your main entertainment experience, then add other areas later.

A pro will also collaborate with architects, builders, and designers to help make your dream a reality. If you're building a new home, the best time to bring a pro on is at the very beginning, so that you plan well for things like getting wires in the walls before they close and making accommodations for the equipment. You can contact ConnectedLife Designs to ask questions, arrange a visit to their showroom or they can come out to your location.

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