The Benefits Of An Outdoor TV From Sunbrite

The Benefits Of An Outdoor TV From Sunbrite

Why not take your entertainment outside starting with a Sunbrite outdoor TV? Imagine an entertainment center outdoors as an extension of your home, where you can spend time from Spring into Fall. It could be a place to not only entertain, but also a place for personal relaxation. For many of us, audio video is the center of entertainment in our homes, so creating an outdoor space with a TV will add another option that will definiately encourage us to spend more time outdoors. SunbriteTV is the brand that can be found in many Pro Stadiums across America and now you can own one too. With the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, these outdoor TVs are the perfect addition to any backyard, patio, or poolside. Plus, they offer a range of benefits you may not have considered. Let's dive in and find out why a Sunbrite outdoor TV needs to be your next purchase!

  1. Entertainment For All Occasions

If you're planning a barbecue, pool party, or just having friends over, why not make it even more special with some outdoor entertainment? A Sunbrite outdoor TV can instantly transform any get-together into a fun-filled celebration as a backdrop or to actively watch sports, concerts, movies, and more. Plus, with a range of sizes and configurations, you can customize the smart Sunbrite outdoor TV to match your entertainment needs.

  1. Performance That Will Not Fail You

With durable weather-resistant materials and an outdoor-friendly design, Sunbrite outdoor TVs are built to last and withstand any weather conditions, from sizzling heat and humidity to rain, snow, and cold temperatures. This means you won't have to worry about replacing your TV every time there's a change in the weather or season. They feature displays that provide a bright and clear picture, even in the presence of direct sunlight. The Sunbrite TVs are even brighter than some indoor TVs and some are 4 times brighter than other outdoor TVs. The line includes 4K UHD HDR with anti-glare screens.

  1. Designed For Every Outdoor Space

Sunbrite TVs come in slim and sleek designs that can be mounted on a wall or attached to a standalone stand, so you can customize your outdoor space to your liking. In addition, Sunbrite TVs are built with industrial-grade IP55-rated aluminum exteriors to withstand all-weather conditions and designed to handle dust and bugs. There are three main series: The Veranda Series for full-covered areas like patios, the Signature Series for partially shaded areas like pergolas, and the Pro Series which is suitable for full-sun spaces. Since Sunbrite TVs are made for the outdoors, you will not void the warranty, which is from 1-2 years depending on the model.

  1. Easy to Operate And Use

Outdoor TVs need to be easy to operate, and Sunbrite delivers in this department. Many models come with a waterproof remote control that allows you to switch channels, adjust the volume or even switch inputs without leaving your seat. Remotes offer voice control with a specific Google Assistant button, so you can request streaming your favorite shows, open a multiplayer game, or simply search google and have answers appear on screen. Sunbrite TVs are smart and operate just like your indoor TVs, except they are safer for the outdoors.

  1. Provides A Grade Viewing And Audio Experience

Most importantly, a Sunbrite outdoor TV provides an experience that will leave you and your viewers in awe. Whether you're watching your favorite action flick or the latest team sports, Sunbrite’s high-quality display and stunning color clarity deliver an exceptional entertainment experience that enhances the brilliance of whatever you're watching with IMAX Enhanced tech. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology further push the delivery of a cinematic experience.

A Sunbrite outdoor TV is a smart entertainment investment for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space. It's a great place to start to build out your area, whether it's a living room patio, kitchen area or poolside space. From the durability of its design to the high-performance technology, these outdoor TVs offer a reliable and enjoyable experience for all. Upgrading your backyard entertainment and investing in a Sunbrite outdoor TV will not only add value to your home, but also provide a beautiful space for you to relax and unwind.

We are a SunbriteTV dealer in Greensburg, PA, and consistently use them in our outdoor home theaters and entertainment centers. Our installations are seamless because we are very familiar with the different series and can recommend which one will best suit your needs. We also enhance the outdoor entertainment experience with high-performance audio that connects well with SunbriteTV. We service the surrounding Greensburg, Murrysville, and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania areas. Get your outdoor home entertainment set up so that you can take advantage of outdoor living at its finest. Visit our showroom for a demo or we can come to your location. Contact us with questions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

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