The Voice Assistant That Integrates With Lutron Lighting and Control4 Smart Home Automation The Voice Assistant That Integrates With Lutron Lighting and Control4 Smart Home Automation

Tired of the limitations of your current mass-produced voice assistants? Would it be great to operate your home hands-free, speak naturally, and not be interrupted if you should happen to mention the name of your voice assistant in a conversation? If you're looking for a next-level voice assistant to make life easier compared to your average voice assistant, is the answer. Start controlling your lights, audio, video, temperature, and more with by simply saying, "Ok, Josh...." and proceed to make your requests like you were speaking to another human. Yes, it's that simple and there's more. Josh can integrate with other smart home automation systems like Control4 Smart Home Automation and Lutron Lighting. In this blog, we will explain how is designed to work and perform above and beyond the other voice assistants in the world.


One of the major features of is the commitment to privacy. The company pledges to not sell your data to third parties or use it for advertising. You even have the opportunity to control what info gets collected and the ability to turn off the microphones.

Natural Language

Made with proprietary natural language technology to understand contextual natural language, even with accents and dialects, is intuitive with the intelligence to remember and execute multiple commands at once. Josh will follow commands like, "Ok, Josh, turn the temperature up to 70 degrees and turn on the TV." This ability to follow multiple commands is supported by Josh Mirco and Josh Nano microphones placed in rooms frequently used. Josh automatically assumes you're talking about the room you're in unless you refer to another room for the command. It also remembers the last thing said in the room, so you can proceed to do follow-up commands. is always learning how you speak, filing away how you reference rooms, etc. so that it gets a better understanding of your commands by utilizing machine learning technology. Microphones

Josh Mirco and Josh Nano are powerful microphones, built to capture commands from across rooms and vast spaces. Josh Micro can fit in the palm of your hand and has a touch-sensitive surface that can also be used for commands and things like volume control. Josh Nano is about the size of a United States twenty-five-cent coin, but don't let the size fool you - it's one of the most powerful in-room microphones. The Josh Nano is built to blend seamlessly into the environment. Its small, flat size can be installed flush into walls and ceilings with a cover painted to match any decor. automatically follows commands for the room you're in unless you say it's for another room. Core and App Core is the brain of the system, communicating with the Josh microphones and app. Core is connected directly to the network in the home, while the app is available on any mobile device giving you access from anywhere with voice communication. So while heading home, you can adjust the temperature and turn on your favorite playlist as a beautiful welcoming way to enter your home. The Josh App is also conveniently capable of managing several homes at once and can be integrated with surveillance cameras so that you can view commands in real time. and Lutron Electronics Lighting System

Lutron Electronics, known as a leader in lighting control came together with to create the first voice control integrated lighting keypad, utilizing the Josh Nano Microphone. The beautiful ultra-flat Lutron keypads now include the Nano microphone in one seamless piece. This saves space and installation time, not to mention how convenient it is to be able to control your lighting and shading by voice command. You can control lighting by saying things like, "Ok, Josh: Turn on the lights and dim them by 20%," or "Ok, Josh: Turn all the lights off in the house and only bring down the bedroom shades." works with all Lutron systems, such as Ketra, Caseta by Lutron, RA2 Select, Radio RA2, and Homeworks QS. and Control4 Smart Home Automation System is also compatible with Control4, a leading smart home automation system. Control4 gives you the ability to control almost all the tech in your home with one app and now you can integrate so that you can do it by voice command. Josh Core becomes the voice automation processor when integrated with the Control4 system, so this means it facilitates the communication between Josh's microphones and Control4. Say things like, "Ok, Josh: It's movie time" and watch shades come down, lights dim, audio video goes on, and more all with one command," or say "Ok, Josh: Goodnight" and your entire home shuts down with garage doors going down if open, night lights going on, all TVs shutting down and all shades going down. The Control4 smart home automation system controls, lights, audio, video, temperature, and more and also lets you program these technologies working together at the same time to perform routine tasks all at once. Now you can trigger these routines by voice command with the integration of

We are a Lutron, Control4, and authorized dealer, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions regarding these brands. We invite you to our showroom to demo these amazing technologies as seeing is believing. We are familiar with all the features of these brands and understand how these technologies can work together. Our team is well-trained and ready to design a smart home solution that incorporates voice assistant to fit your lifestyle. Our goal is to make your home work for you and your family. In addition, we take great care in breaking down the tech, so that you can see how this tech can be useful. Please contact us by phone, email or chat and check out the rest of our website for further info about us.

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