Blending Audio-Video Into A Home's Decor

Blending Audio-Video Into A Home's Decor

Adding audio and big-screen TVs to your home decor can seem like a challenge - you want them to not only fit in with the interior style of your home, but also to be functional and you certainly don't want to see things like untidy wires. Equal attention should be paid to aesthetics as performance in today's modern home. For example, mounting an HDTV above a fireplace is convenient, but may not always be the best viewing location from certain angles. Sometimes this location doesn't maximize the quality of the screen. It can also look out of place with your decor. If this happens, other solutions like moving the location of the TV should be considered where both performance and decor goals are met.

Another problem that can arise is the lack of space or the need for an ultra-modern clean decor, where audio-video equipment is barely noticed. The design and installation can get more complex if the homeowner would like to integrate other technologies, such as lighting, shades, and more. This requires some planning, but when finished, looks amazing and hits many performance goals. In these cases, consulting an audio-video specialist is highly recommended. AV professionals are experts in designing and installing these spaces, using the right equipment, so that both decor and performance goals are met.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to make Audio Video technology blend into your home decor to create the mood you envision. Here are 8 ways to make audio systems and screens part of your home or business environment:

  1. When screens are turned off they serve no purpose, however, you can get the Frame TV from Samsung which displays artwork when off. It's slim and looks like artwork hanging on a wall when in off mode. Choose artwork and a frame from a wide selection provided. You also have the choice of filling it with a family portrait or your own art. If you have a modern interior design aesthetic, the Samsung Frame TV might be perfect for you.
  2. TVs can also be concealed in ceilings, floors, or customized cabinets using TV lifts, which are automated to come out by pressing a button. Imagine lying in bed, and watching your TV come out of the ceiling, where it was perfectly hidden. These require some thought and planning, but when done properly, can offer amazing results. This can work where space is limited or when an ultra-seamless decor is desired.
  3. One way of concealing a short throw projector, audio equipment, and wires is in an audio video cabinet that sits under the TV. Salamander Designs offer a great selection, where you can choose configurations, color, material, and legs. They even have space for a fan to cool equipment down.
  4. When it comes to audio, some speakers look like they belong in an art gallery. You can find speakers from Focal and Paradigm that fit this description. These not only look beautiful, but they are also some of the best-performing speakers with legendary tech that delivers high-performance audio. These floor-standing speakers can be customized from a selection of case colors. Having these speakers in your living room is like having a grand piano - it's really like having a musical instrument as part of your decor.
  5. One way to conceal audio is by choosing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. These blend seamlessly into spaces where you don't even know they're speakers in the room until you hear them. You can also custom-paint these speakers to match the decor.
  6. Motorized shades are sometimes used to hide TVs and equipment, especially when installed on a wall with windows. Depending on the area, motorized shades can be controlled with a remote, voice, or connected to a smart home automation system that controls the TV, audio, lights, and more.
  7. Audio Video wires can be concealed in walls, and other places, but require proper planning and installation. The best time is when walls are open in the construction phase to save time and money, however, there are still options for hiding wires after walls are closed.
  8. With outdoor living being a top trend, all-weather TVs and speakers are available and can be installed to accommodate outdoor environments. From rock speakers that blend into the landscape to in-ceiling and in-wall speakers on patios, the options are plenty.

By taking all of these factors into consideration when incorporating audio and screens into your home decor, you’ll be able to create a space that both looks good and functions well. When you’re adding audio-video components, it’s important to consider the look and feel of your house as a whole to find the best design solution. You need to also consider whether you will want to integrate home automation tech into your design. Sometimes, home automation systems are needed to control concealed av equipment and help to enhance AV spaces by integrating other tech. With careful planning and attention to detail, audio and screens can become an integral part of any room in your home.

Talking to an audio-video pro can be very beneficial, providing a world of ideas and expertise. The right AV professional will provide the opportunity for you to share your vision and supply solutions that meet your budget, decor, and performance goals. Here at ConnectedLife Designs, we have been selling, designing, and installing audio-video for over 60 years in both homes and commercial spaces. Whether the audio-video area is in your business, living room, basement, or a standalone movie theater, we take pride in our work and strive to provide our customers with best-in-class service. We get excited about every new vision and look forward to creating AV areas that bring pure joy to families.

Our 10,000 square feet showroom houses many types of audio-video experiences including a home theater with a movie screen, surround sound audio, home automation, automated lighting, and more. Contact us to schedule a demo in our showroom located in Greensburg, PA or we can come out to visit your location.

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