3 LED Lighting Design Ideas With Lutron

3 LED Lighting Design Ideas With Lutron

As a Lutron dealer in Greensburg, PA, we create smart LED lighting designs that includes smart lighting plans; integration of lighting controls, dimmers, switches, and fixtures; and window blinds. A lighting system, like Lutron’s automation system can operate independently controlling lighting and shading, but can also be connected to a one app, smart home automation system that operates other technology in the home, like audio, video, surveillance and more. 

It’s never too early to contact us whether you’re thinking about building a new home or doing a home improvement project inside or outside.  The earlier we are involved, the better to save time and cost, as planning is an important aspect when it comes to creating the right smart lighting design. Here are a 3 ways lighting designs can make life easier and more fun:

1. Lighting Automated To Match Your Lifestyle Routines

Imagine rarely having to touch a light switch or window blind.  Multiple levels of lights and shades sync to go up and down at specific times of the day to keep your home cooler or warmer, while saving energy. Press Goodbye on a keypad or from your phone and all the lights in your home goes off; lights outside comes on at dusk and as you walk into your home, lights turn on to the right color temperature suited for that time of the day. What about lights dimming as daylight fades, putting you in the mood for bedtime? Scheduling lights to go on and off at specific times and adjusting lights, provides the utmost in convenience and relaxation.

 2. Accent Lighting

Highlight staircases, ceilings, under cabinets and hallways with lighting that’s not only decorative, but also functional as it can become the primary source of lighting when overhead lights are off.  This type of lighting can be tunable to dim or brighten. Control lighting from the Lutron app, decorative keypads or by voice.

 3. Party Lighting And Setting Scenes

Programmed Lighting can be set up inside or outside of home to transition from regular white lights to steady or pulsing blues, greens, reds and more.  This is not only decorative for holidays and special occasions, but convenient when you no longer have to put up or take down different lighting. You can also connect your lighting system to a whole home automation system, so that it syncs with other technology in the home to create special scenes, like movie night - where with one tap on your cell phone app, lights dim, some lights go off, audio video goes on, shades come down and alarm arms.  Now you can create many special scenes in your home that involves lighting and other tech.

Contact Connectedlife Designs to learn more about lighting design services and how you can control lighting.

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